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Welcome to www.AlteredUSA.com!

Sidewalk surfing has always been about fun -- a way to extend your surf session whenever you could. Over the years things change & sports transform. Electric Skateboarding is all about fun and when you try it you're going to be amazed! You never push and it'll definitely make you grin. There are no rules, no limits and it's a great time to step outside of the box and go for a ride!

Our latest V2 Models come with completely redesigned, MADE IN USA Electronics, which feature many improvements including:

  • State-of-art electronics that are Completely Silent
  • Compatible w/ lithium battery packs (offered soon)
  • 6-month electronics warranty, with even longer extended warranties available for purchase
  • Smoother, fully graduated acceleration that is more responsive to your remote control
  • Improved braking ratio, providing smoother general deceleration along with Rapid Control Stop (RCS)
  • Longer battery life in both the remote and board


  • Longboards & Minis! Now on sale! $79.95 to $99.95 with ABEC 11 Wheels! more >
  • Exkate Trucks! Now from $29.00 a pair! more >
  • Exkate Wheel Set Closeouts! from only $9 a set of 4! more >

The Future Electric Skateboards Longboards

Buy Gas? Get Altered!




We have one of the most exciting product lines on the planet including, The ORIGINAL PATENTED WIRELESS ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD and ALTERED® SURFSKATE LABS featuring Longboards & Minis with patented Exkate Torsion Trucks. Plus ABEC 11 & Exkate Wheels... Hamboards & Protec Helmets & Way More!

ALTERED Electric Skateboards
ALTERED® Electric Skateboards - the future is electric!
SURFING MAGAZINE - Pushing, pumping, tic-tacking, it's all so pathetically 90's. Get over it. The skateboards of the future are all electric. And OK, it may not work for flippy-do tricks but harnessing the energy of the Exkate electric skateboard is the closest feeling to surfing you're ever going to get on the pavement. Commanding a respectable 20 mph with a wireless handheld controller, your feet never leave the board as you carve your way all over town. And with around 10 miles to a full charge, you'll be tripping. Until someone invents the Hoverboard, this baby is it! more>
ALTERED Surfskate Labs
ALTERED® Surfskate Labs - HUGE SALE ON COMPLETES! - Surfskates now only $79.95 to$99.95!
NOW ON SALE! Patented Exkate torsion trucks TWIST & REBOUND - They allow tighter radius turns, powerful transitions & improve speed generation while pumping. At ASL we’ve increased the torque, rebound and durability of our torsion bushings. Combined with oversized, high-end urethane wheels the result is simply amazing. Get an Altered Surfskate! and you'll quickly take surfstyle skating to new levels – way beyond the performance of traditional compression skateboards. more>
ABEC 11 - 107mm Electric Flywheels
THE WORLD'S BEST ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD WHEELS - want the best ... we got you covered!
Premium oversized Centerset wheels with tons of traction, excellent acceleration, quiet and super smooth. We've had a long term partnership with Chris Chaput, the owner of ABEC 11. Over the years we've been riding the best USA made urethane formulas behind the scene. Higher rebound, quicker response, faster acceleration, quieter and smoother ... Reflex Formula is amazing! More longboard world champions have been crowned on this brand than any other. It's now time to take your electric to the ultimate levels ... upgrade today.

SKATEBOARD / LONGBOARD WHEELS - speed, grip, slide, glide... your covered!
We stock the best longboard wheels in the world, more longboard world champions have been crowned on these brands than any other possible combination. If you are looking for speed, grip, slide, glide... we have your wheel needs covered! more information>


For over a decade, Exkate Cherry Bombs & M80's were the #1 choice of professional downhill racers. To this day they continue to be one of the better 80mm plus wheels on the market. Legendary performance for true high speed use! Made in the USA at Labeda. check em' out >

82mm CHERRY BOMBS OR M80 STREET RACERS - NOW ONLY $19.00 (Set of 4) - All Colors!
These HUGE 82mm WHEELS are made with ultra-high performance urethane and poured in Orange County, California at Labeda. At these prices -- it's really easy to GO BIG! check em' out >

76mm TURBOS & 70mm EASY RIDERS - NOW ONLY $9.00 (Set of 4) - All Colors!
These wheels range from 70mm to 76mm and are designed for recreational longboards & minis. check em' out >

Protective Gear - Pro-Tec Helmets & Pads

Pro-Tec Helmets & Pads - you got protection?
With the most recognizable style of helmets & pads, PRO-TEC designs have often been imitated, but never duplicated ... you cannot fake authenticity or manufacture heritage. more information>

HAMBOARDS - dawn patrol... let's go shred the gnar!
HAMBOARDS - dawn patrol... let's go shred the gnar!
Surfers, skaters and active people world wide are having a blast carving big flowing turns, driving rail to rail hacks, or cross-steping up to the nose to Hang Ten on their Hamboards. By the way, these boards are perfect for Land Paddling! more>
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*For purchasing and sales information, please contact us toll-free at 1 (800) 214-3595.
Hours: M-F 10am - 5pm Pacific Time. Fast Flat Rate Shipping Available!

* We strongly recommend wearing a Helmet & Pads while riding longboards & powerboards at all times.


EXKATE® / ALTERED™ Electric Skateboards by Exkate®
26212 Dimension Dr, Suite 160. Lake Forest, CA 92630
phone: 949.951.9500 or toll-free ordering: 800.214.3595
email: admin@exkate.com

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